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We help organizations unleash the connected potential of people everywhere to maximize opportunities and solve their most pressing challenges.

client_logos 5What is Cotential?

Cotential harnesses the power of connection to unleash human potential. Tapping into the power of co-creation and collaboration, Cotential is a major force of innovation.

As a consultancy, we set up sustainable systems that allow you to solve challenges through networks of people beyond your business unit – bypassing layers of bureaucracy and organizational inefficiencies so employees can actually share, amplify, and execute their ideas, while also gaining leadership buy-in and maintaining quality and accuracy. Cotential reclaims the power of human connection for what your business cares about – leading markets through innovation, creating increasing value for customers and clients, delivering sustainable results, and ensuring future global competitiveness.

We believe you can no longer look only within traditional business boundaries to solve your most pressing challenges. What sets us apart is that we help you systemically execute on your challenges through unleashing the connected potential of people everywhere –inside and outside your current ways of working.

What is Cotential in action?

Through our years of research and experience, read more about industry leaders who have harnessed true Cotential below and download our Unleashing Cotential white paper. Learn more about our offerings for enterprises here.

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Creating change that sustains itself.

What good is change if it doesn’t last? At Cotential, we help executives and leaders streamline operations, drive innovation and accelerate sustainable growth for years to come. That’s because we root everything in people, within your organization and outside of it, to ensure your newly-minted, innovation engine continues running strong.

Our Process: Accelerated Connectedness

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Our Value

Cotential unleashes breakthroughs across a wide range of areas:


arrowEnhanced customer service and support
arrowImproved customer insights and targeting
arrowEnhanced perceived and reputational risk management


arrowIncreased employee engagement and retention
arrowDecreased cost of external experts
arrowDecreased cost of lost work, productivity, "failed" work in training


arrowImproved internal performance management and transparency
arrowImproved R&D processes
arrowIncreased organizational efficiencies


arrowEnhanced innovation practices
arrowImproved new product strategies
arrowImproved product channels

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Our Community.


An ongoing event series, Cotential brings wildly curious and diverse voices to bear on fascinating topics through its Cotential salon dinners that curate industry and thought leaders to share unexpected connections, meaningful       conversations, and creative problem solving techniques. To receive our scheduled events and upcoming book tour           readings, click here.

Leading the change.

Cotential deploys a proprietary methodology, Connectional Intelligence, which was co-created by Erica Dhawan, Founder & CEO of Cotential, and Saj-nicole Joni, CEO of Cambridge International Group and Senior Advisor of Cotential.

Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized leadership expert, corporate consultant and keynote speaker teaching business leaders and companies like yours creative actions designed to drive elite performance, improve innovation across generations and cultures, and prepare the global workforce for the future. Erica has spoken on global stages from the World Economic Forum at Davos to companies like Fedex, Pepsico, and KPMG. Erica writes for Harvard Business Review, Forbes and the Huffington Post. She is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, Aspen Institute Socrates Society, and TEDx fellows.  Previously, she worked at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital. She has a MPA from Harvard University, a MBA from MIT Sloan, and a BS in Economics from The Wharton School. When she’s not working you’ll find Erica in a Bollywood dance class or at her favorite West Village eateries.

Saj-nicole Joni is a globally acclaimed business strategist and confidential advisor to CEOs and their top executives. She is often called upon by executives to serve as their thinking partner focused on tough strategic choices that define their impact and legacy. Saj-nicole helps leaders to think about context, judgment, complexity, and future possibilities. She is highly regarded in the business world as a trusted, unbiased “third opinion.” She has authored two books, bestselling The Right Fight and The Third Opinion. Saj-nicole is a regular columnist with Forbes and Harvard Business Review blogger. She has an extensive academic background and has served on the faculties of MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and Wellesley College. In addition, she serves on boards in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She is an avid gardener and accomplished pianist.


An insight into Cotential news and Cotential in action.


We believe that in harnessing this profound connectional capacity, our global cotential, that we will have the power to create a more inspired, informed and connected world. If you’re ready to be a part in creating this future, we’d love to meet you.

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